The O’Boyle Law Firm, P.C., handles commercial and consumer collections throughout the entire State of Florida. We have experience in representing banks, credit card companies, as well as apartment complexes in delinquent rent collections. Unlike traditional debt collectors, we have the power to take your case to the next level if and when debtors refuse to pay. Once suit is filed often times debtors want to settle as they have no legal defense and do not want to hire and pay an attorney to represent them. For this reason debtors are much more likely to respond to attorneys than collectors.

The O’Boyle Law Firm, P.C., handles:

  • Open Accounts/Accounts Stated
  • Enforcement of Existing Judgment
  • Installment Contract
  • Loan Agreements
  • Promissory Notes/Guarantees
  • Attachments on Real or Personal Property
  • Medical Debts
  • Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center Receivables
  • Delinquent Professional Fees Due and Owing
  • Leases and Financial Agreements
  • Demand Letters

Collections Procedure

Demand letter — First a letter demanding payment is sent to the debtor. If the debtor responds to the letter, we will contact the debtor to in order to set up a settlement or a payment schedule.

Lawsuit — If no response is received, we seek your permission to file a lawsuit. Once suit is filed, our attorneys move quickly to obtain a judgment in your favor before trial. Trials rarely occur. Most likely the court will order mediation, which will likely facilitate a settlement.

Judgment — Once a judgment is received, we have the ability to attach liens on the debtor’s real estate and move to file wage garnishments to secure payment on the debt. These garnishments take money from the debtor’s bank account, paychecks and any other sources of income as long as they are not exempt.